Workshop on North American Weather and Climate Extremes: Progress in Monitoring and Research


A workshop to assess the latest scientific findings related to monitoring and projections of climate extremes and to examine the ongoing and planned research and monitoring efforts on climate extremes for the North American continent was hosted by the Aspen Global Change Institute in Aspen, Colorado on July 15-21. The workshop was jointly funded by the U.S. Climate Change Science Program (CCSP) interagency partners, including DOE, NOAA, and NSF. A specific outcome of the workshop will be an action plan to produce the draft prospectus for an assessment report on climate extremes. This scientific assessment, which will be produced and disseminated by NOAA as highly influential scientific information, is one of the CCSP’s planned Synthesis and Assessment Products (CCSP). Further details may be found at http://www.agci.org/extremes.html.