The Office of Science Global Change Education Program (GCEP) Selects First Marvin L. Wesely Distinguished Graduate Research Environmental Fellow


Ms. Heather Price of the University of Washington was selected as the first Marvin L. Wesely Distinguished Graduate Research Environmental Fellowship (GREF) recipient. The DOE Office of Science Office of Biological and Environmental Research Global Change Education Program (GCEP) established the Fellowship in remembrance of Dr. Marvin Wesely. Dr. Wesely was a leading researcher in the DOE Atmospheric Science Program and Chief Scientist for Atmospheric Chemistry Research at Argonne National Laboratory, before his death on January 20, 2003, from heart cancer. Ms. Price is currently completing her thesis work at the University of Washington under the guidance of Professor Dan Jaffe and is mentored by Dr. Paul Doskey of Argonne National Laboratory. Her research involves the determination of Asian air pollution sources, seasonality, and chemical processing during transport to the Northwest continental U.S. Further details about her research can be found at www.atmos.anl.gov/GCEP/. Dr. Wesely was a strong supporter and active mentor in the GCEP and in his honor the Distinguished GREF was established. The award will be given annually to a GREF fellow in the GCEP program who has 1) been in the program for at least one year, 2) made exemplary use of DOE facilities in their research and DOE-funded scientists as mentors, 3) made outstanding achievements as noted by publication of their research, and 4) encouraged undergraduate students to participate in the GCEP undergraduate programs. The recognition and award includes an increased stipend for the following year for the student selected. Nominations for the Distinguished GREF are made by the DOE-funded researchers from universities and DOE laboratories who serve as mentors in GCEP, and the final selection is by a review panel.