Superior Stainless Steel Coatings for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells


Extreme high temperature and corrosive conditions inside operating solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) have led researchers to investigate a variety of metallic alloys with oxidation-resistant coatings over the last few years. A research team from Montana State University; Arcomac Surface Engineering, LLC; and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory recently created and examined three types of stainless steel surfaces with and without multilayer coatings for their high temperature oxidation resistance and surface electrical conductivity. Two of the coatings were found to have superior characteristics. The article describing these research findings is ranked first on Elsevier’s ScienceDirect list of the 25 hottest papers in physics and astronomy and seventh on the materials sciences list. This research was funded by the Department of the Interior and a DOE subcontract from PNNL. Portions of the research were performed in the Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory, a DOE scientific user facility located at PNNL.


Surface and Coatings Technology, 2004, vol 188-189: 55-61.