Results from DOE’s Atmospheric Chemistry Program Presented at American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting


Research from DOE’s Atmospheric Chemistry Program (ACP) was featured at the Fourth Conference on Atmospheric Chemistry: Urban, Regional and Global Scale Impacts of Air Pollutants, held in conjunction with the 82nd American Meteorological Society (AMS) Annual Meeting, in Orlando, Florida, on January 13-17, 2002. The chairperson of the Program Committee of this Conference was Jeffrey Gaffney of Argonne National Laboratory. Rick Petty of SC-74 chaired a session on boundary layer night-time chemical processes, and Peter Lunn of SC-74 chaired a session on development of real-time and near real-time air quality modeling that uses integration of measurements on urban and regional scales.

Overall, 20 oral and 6 poster presentations were made on ACP research, out of a total of 75 oral and 31 poster presentations at the Conference. ACP presentations were made on instrumentation, air-surface exchange, night-time boundary chemical processes, modeling, measurements from aircraft, and urban- and regional-scale field studies such as the Northeast Oxidant and Particulate Study and Texas Air Quality Study. Peter Daum of Brookhaven National Laboratory chaired a special session on the Texas study, which was the focus of about 40% of the Conference and was the subject of the cover of the proceedings volume. The Conference was well attended, with 157 attendees listing it as their primary, and 59 as their secondary meeting of interest at the AMS event.