Report on Climate Change Integrated Assessment Identifies New Scientific Directions and Challenges for the Field


DOE’s Office of Biological and Environmental Research (BER) has prepared a new report that outlines key scientific challenges in climate change Integrated Assessment Research. The report represents the discussions and findings of a major workshop held in November 2008 in Arlington, Virginia. Chaired by Dr. Anthony Janetos from the Joint Global Change Research Institute, a collaboration between Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and the University of Maryland, the report identifies 35 significant research needs organized within six major research categories. The effort reflects the contributions of many people involved in DOE’s IA Research Program, the broader IA research community, and scientists and managers in other disciplines, programs, and agencies. Representatives from NOAA, NASA, NSF, and EPA participated in the activity. The report can be found through the BER website at: PDF . Printed reports and CDs should be available with a month.