Presidential Early Career Award in Science and Engineering (PECASE) awarded for BER funded research


Dr. Jizhong Zhou of the Environmental Sciences Division of Oak Ridge National Laboratory has won the prestigious PECASE award for his leadership in the fields of functional genomics and microbial ecology. In separate ceremonies on June 11 and 12, Dr. Zhou received congratulations and citations from Secretary Abraham and from President Bush. Dr. Zhou has made significant contributions to a wide range of BER programs. Dr. Zhou was specifically cited for his “pioneering application of genomic and molecular technologies to environmental studies.” Dr. Zhou and his research group have developed nucleic acid-based microarrays that can be used to analyze microbial community structure and functioning at levels of detail never before achieved. His research findings will be critical to a wide range of DOE mission areas, including bioremediation of legacy wastes, carbon sequestration, and biofuel production, as well as advancing the overall field of biotechnology.