Ocean Carbon Sequestration researcher featured in Science profile, Discover magazine, and PBS Lehrer News Hour


Dr. Peter Brewer of Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute is highlighted in a profile in the August 3, 2001, issue of the journal Science, in the August issue of the popular science magazine, Discover. The Science profile is entitled “Chemistry in the Deep Blue Sea: In the distinguished career of ocean chemist Peter Brewer, his startling new research on carbon dioxide may make the most waves.” Dr. Brewer’s many contributions to the field of oceanography are cited, including his most recent research on the fate of liquid carbon dioxide injected into the deep ocean–a form of ocean carbon sequestration. Dr. Brewer’s work, which is co-funded by BER’s Ocean Carbon Sequestration Program and the Office of Fossil Energy, uses state-of-the-art remotely operated vehicles (ROV) to study the formation of CO2 hydrates at depths greater than 1 mile in the ocean off the California coast. With his colleague, Dr. James Barry, Brewer is also examining the potential effects on deep sea organisms placed in CO2 hydrate “corrals” by the ROV. Discover magazine also highlighted Brewer’s deep sea research on carbon sequestration. The article cited DOE’s investment in carbon sequestration research and the 1999 DOE report on Carbon Sequestration Research as part of a strategy to reduce overall carbon emissions. On August 6, the PBS Lehrer News Hour had a segment entitled “Seeking a CO2 Solution” which also featured the research of Drs. Brewer and Barry, as well as DOE/NSF jointly funded research on ocean fertilization by Dr. Kenneth Coale of Moss Landing Marine Laboratory.