Merit review completed for Fiscal Year 2001 Environmental Management Science Program


The Environmental Management Science Program (EMSP) is funded by the Office of Basic and Applied Research in the Office of Science & Technology of the Office of Environmental Management (EM). The EMSP supports basic research seeking solutions to major problems in the EM clean-up program for the nuclear weapons complex. Since the beginning of the EMSP in 1996, program managers from both the Office of Science (SC) and EM have been involved in managing the program. SC staff are responsible for the merit review of submissions to the program while EM staff are responsible for the subsequent relevance review of the scientifically meritorious submissions. Managers in the two offices then recommend projects for funding based on the outcome of the reviews. The Fiscal Year 2001 program focuses on two areas of high interest to EM: High Level Radioactive Waste (HLW) and Deactivation and Decommissioning of Facilities (D&D). The merit review of the submissions to the program has now been completed. A total of 21 projects have been recommended with a rating of “Must Fund” and 40 have been recommended with a rating of “Should Fund”. The relevance review will take place early in June. Office of Science staff participating in the program in 2001 include Deb Greenawalt, Pam Carter, and Lori Jernigan of SC-64, Sharon Betson, Larry James, and Roland Hirsch of SC-73, Anna Palmisano of SC-74, Bob Price and Matesh Varma of SC-13, and Richard Gordon, Norman Edelstein, and Nick Woodward of SC-14.