LANL Hosts International Workshop on Ice Sheet/Ice Shelf Modeling


On August 18-20, the SC-funded Climate, Ocean, and Sea Ice project at Los Alamos will host a workshop on “Building a Next-Generation Community Ice Sheet Model.” This workshop is also supported by LANL’s branch of the University of California Institute for Geophysics and Planetary Physics. The goal of the workshop is to produce a plan to develop and test a next-generation community ice sheet model that will serve as the ice dynamics component of the Community Climate System Model. This model will be made freely available to the glaciology and climate modeling communities. The workshop will organize current ice sheet modeling efforts by groups in the U.S. and Europe and develop a plan to distribute the work, avoid duplication of effort, and accelerate overall development. Discussions will focus on: (1) ice-sheet dynamics and physics, (2) ice-shelf ocean interactions, (3) software design and coupling, and (4) initialization, verification, and validation. The LANL organizer is Bill Lipscomb.