DOE Human Subjects Research Database: FY 2002 Update


The FY 2002 update of the DOE Human Subjects Research Database (HSRD) is now on the World Wide Web. Initiated in 1994, it contains information, updated annually, on research involving human subjects funded by DOE, conducted at DOE facilities, or performed by DOE personnel. This annual reporting is required by DOE Order O 443.1, Protection of Human Subjects. The projects in the database cover a wide range of topics: therapeutics, development of new instrumentation or techniques, use of trace quantities of radioactive material for imaging, analysis of blood or urine samples, follow-up studies on workers previously employed at sites that stored or used radioactive materials, and epidemiologic studies that only involve the analysis of medical records to identify patterns of illness. The FY 2002 database includes 294 projects, 68% at DOE facilities and 32% at non-DOE facilities, e.g., hospitals and universities, conducted at 46 facilities, 13 DOE laboratories and 33 non-DOE facilities.