DOE-Funded Principal Investigator Ends 12 Years of Distinguished Service on National Science Board


On May 10, 2006, Dr. Warren Washington, a BER-funded Principal Investigator from the National Center for Atmospheric Research, completed a distinguished 12-year tenure on the National Science Board (NSB). The NSB is an independent policy body established by Congress in 1950 with dual responsibilities to oversee and guide the activities of, and establish policies for, the National Science Foundation; and serve as an independent national science policy body that provides advice to the President and the Congress on policy issues related to science and engineering that have been identified by the President, Congress or the Board itself. Dr. Washington was appointed to the Board in 1994. His colleagues on the Board elected him to chair the Board in 2002, and re-elected him for a second 2-year term as Chairman in 2004. Notable achievements under his leadership include the process by which Major Research Equipment and Facilities Construction proposals are developed, prioritized, and funded; the priorities for the 2002 authorized doubling of the NSF budget in the Board’s Report to Congress; and the Board’s 2020 Vision for the National Science Foundation, which provides a bold new vision and broad priorities for the Foundation.