Darsh Wasan to Receive Alpha Chi Sigma Award for Chemical Engineering Research


Darsh Wasan, Professor of Chemical Engineering and holder of the Motorola Chair at the Illinois Institute of Technology, will receive the Alpha Chi Sigma Award of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) for 2005. The award recognizes his outstanding accomplishments in chemical engineering research and will be presented at the AIChE Annual Meeting in Cincinnati on October 30. Dr Wasan’s research into the mechanisms that cause foaming of radioactive wastes during treatment has been supported by the Environmental Management Science Program (EMSP) in the Environmental Remediation Sciences Division since 1997. This research has led to new techniques for characterizing surface properties of particle suspensions. The mechanisms of formation and stabilization of foams in the wastes have been determined using the new technologies, and new antifoaming agents have been designed and used in DOE facilities at the Savannah River Site as a result of the EMSP research.