Current Understanding of Subsurface Transport Processes at the Hanford Site Captured in Special Section of the Vadose Zone Journal


The November 20, 2007, online edition of the Vadose Zone Journal contains a Special Section on the current understanding of subsurface transport processes, including contaminant transport processes, that occur at the Hanford Site. The 14 articles in this Special Section and an introductory review of research activities in subsurface reactive transport modeling were made possible through the support of the Environmental Remediation Sciences Division (ERSD) within the Office of Biological and Environmental Research, Office of Science (SC). Funding to support the research activities described in the articles was provided both by ERSD within SC, and by the Remediation and Closure Science Project funded by the DOE Office of Environmental Management (EM) through the Richland Operations Office. A November 27, 2007, EurekAlert entitled Where Does Stored Nuclear Waste Go? contains an overview of the Special Section.

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Vadose Zone Journal, 6(4) November 2007.